** All sales are final!**

We might possibly buy a female back from you after she is an adult if she fits our herd needs.


Kids can be reserved AFTER birth for a NON-REFUNDABLE $100 deposit, or paid in full. Cash, check, or money order is accepted for deposits only. ANY FINAL PAYMENT MUST BE IN CASH before the kid leaves our farm. If you live a good distance from us, you can send the deposit by mail. Just contact us and we can make the arrangements.

**Waiting List

99% of the kids that we sell go to the people who are on the waiting list. If you are serious about buying a kid from us, get on this list. If you only THINK you MIGHT want a kid, please don't tie up space on this list. There are normally 40-60 people on our waiting list at any given time throughout the year. Most people are waiting 3 months or more to get a kid/s from us. We try to fill the kid requests in order that we receive them.

If you want to be added to this list, we will need to know 5 things from you.

E-mail us with this information. ([email protected])

1)Your phone number.

2)Your e-mail address.

3)Do you want males and/or females AND how many?

4)Do you specifically want kids raised on their mom,

Or do you specifically want kids that YOU will bottle feed,(See the bottle baby limitations below).

5)Do you want any characteristic specifics? (Specifics might take longer to get).

We will contact you via phone and/or e-mail with pictures of kid/s when your turn comes. We will only wait about 2 days for you to respond, then we will move on to the next person on the waiting list. You'll always have the option to pass, but if we get no response from you, we'll assume you no longer have interest, and you'll be dropped from our waiting list.

** Bottle Babies

Kids can be purchased as Bottle Babies within the first 3 to 10 days of life. YOU WILL BE DOING THE BOTTLE FEEDING, NOT US. We will only sell a kid as a bottle baby if the mom has more than 2 kids, Or if we feel it is in the best interest of the mom for us to remove a kid from her. So this limits the amount of bottle babies that we have available. Therefore, we can never give you a definite time of when we will get bottle babies to you, once you are on the waiting list. We usually will not know whether a bottle baby will be horned or polled. Kids usually have to be about 3 weeks old before horn status can be determined. Full payment in cash is required when bottle babies are picked up.

**Neutered males make better pets than females.


1:Females start their heat cycle at about 6-8 months of age. This will last about 18 hours and if not bred, she will cycle every 21 days. During this time, some females get quite noisy and their personality/attitude can change.

2:Un-neutered males can absolutely stink. They pee on themselves and have other nasty habits. They also can sometimes grow a little aggressive with age. Intact males make great breeders but not very good pets.

3:Neutered males make the best pets. They don't have any of these nasty male issues and they have a more level personality/attitude than a female.


Neutering is FREE of charge. We will neuter any male (buckling) born on our farm if the owner desires. For the long term health of the kid, we ONLY neuter at 3 months of age to minimize urinary issues later in his life. He can leave our farm at 6 weeks of age but be brought back at 12 weeks old to be neutered. We use a rubber banding method that is bloodless and minimally painless. It takes about 5 minutes to do the procedure, and he goes back home with you. Please read the following information:

**Neutered males have a higher tendency to develop kidney stones IF they are neutered too young, and/or they don't have the proper diet.

*Neutering changes the male goats hormonal balance and growth/development rate. The goat urinary tract is unique in the animal world and needs several months to grow before neutering to minimize the blockage of stones. 3 months of growth is minimum, longer is better, but different neutering procedures have to be used due to testicle size.

*Male goats, especially neuters, need a diet that has a proper calcium to phosphorus ratio. The best diet consists of minimal grain/pellets and maximum roughage (hay, weeds, grass). The roughage is needed to keep saliva levels up, which causes phosphorus to be defecated rather than urinated. The green roughage will provide vitamin A, which is necessary also.

*Purina Noble Goat pellets or DuMOR Goat Formula feed are good feeds for most goats because they contains a small amount of coccidiostat, and Ammonium Chloride.

*In our opinion, DuMOR Goat Formula pellets is slightly better for males because it has a better calcium to phosphorus ratio than Purina.

*Rain water is best for goats. Well water tends to be hard (high in minerals). It is always a benefit to add Ammonium Chloride to their water to reduce kidney stone formation.

*All goats need either a mineral salt lick or loose minerals to partake of at will.

**See the following URL for more information:


**Pick Up Time

Kids are usually posted for sale at 2-3 days of age. Bottle babies stay nursing on mom for 3-10 days, before going home with you to begin being bottle fed.

Mom raised kids stay here nursing until they are 6 weeks old. At 6 weeks old they are usually eating feed, hay and grass on their own and can go home with you. If they are slow to progress or have health issues they might need to stay a little longer. There is no extra charge if WE deem that a kid needs to stay here longer than 6 weeks of age. If the new owner causes the kid to stay at our farm longer than 6 weeks, we may charge an additional $20 per kid, per week.


We make every effort to keep our goats healthy and up to date on necessary medications. We normally give the moms a CD&T booster a month prior to birthing, and a dose of wormer (Ivermectin) right after she gives birth.

We normally give all of our kids a medication called Toltrazuril for coccidia prevention when they are 5 weeks old. We will give each kid it's first CD&T shot when it is about 5 weeks old. We also give the 6 week old kids a dose of wormer medication before they leave our farm.

**We do not de-horn (disbud) our babies. The process is far too gruesome for us, and we don't mind goats having their horns. The horn tips can be trimmed and smoothed rather than an altogether removal. About half of our kids are born naturally polled (no horns).

**We do not milk our goats. Therefore we can't give you milk volumes or production numbers from an individual goat. Any Nigerian Dwarf will give about 1/3 to 1/2 gallon of milk per day at peak, some will give more.


We DO NOT offer breeding service. It is too risky to our entire herd's health to use our bucks outside of our farm herd.


We have a closed herd. So for the health safety of our herd, we DO NOT normally offer tours of our farm.


** We will freely give any information and knowledge that we have to a new owner to help you in raising and caring for your goat. We don't mind a phone call or Text (336-225-1291) or email ([email protected]) with your questions and we will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.